Skeptics In Love

Release: 2010

"Just a one man band in a one man army..."

Skeptics In Love is a concept album. kosmos initially set out to write a 2nd half to The Bifurcation but the new material ended up forming a story of its own. The album is a nostalgic tribute to young love in small town middle America. What comes out as a single narrative is really an amalgam of frontman, Ben Tonak's experiences and observations, "Every song is a little bit inspired by one or more people I knew or had a relationship with – or maybe wished I had a relationship with –there's plenty of creative license taken."

Lyrics: 1. Small Town Rodeo 2.First Time, 3. Fuck Or Fight, 4. Time Was Marching, 5. Like The Sun, 6. End Of The Line

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The Bifurcation

Release: 2008

"Call the doctors in, I'm going off the medicine"

The Bifurcation is a 5-song EP representing the first project with drummer Nick Fiore and guitarist Nate Mender. Fiore's rock solid drumming contributes a self-assured backbone to the band’s already solid arrangements and production values, and Mender’s guitars add a layer of texture and act as a compliment to B. Tonak’s unique voice and well-crafted lyrics.

Lyrics: 1. Juliette, 2. These Arms, 3. Apocalypse, 4. One More, 5. Land Of No Regret

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Ways of Letting Go

Release: 2006

"I’m laying down my ammunition, I’m running with no destination"

Over 3 years in the making, the debut album from kosmøs has been described as "heartbreakingly good" by one industry insider. Fans of REM, Foo Fighters, U2, and Nada Surf will feel right at home listening to Ways of Letting Go...

Lyrics 1. What It Is, 2. Elizabeth, 3. Day After Day, 4. Listen, 5. Famous Last Words, 6. Garage Sale, 7. 3rd Person, 8. The Wheel, 9. Ways Of Letting Go, 10. The Infinite, 11. All I've Got (bonus track)

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